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All I have lived to hear about is a sleepless night and long nights. Today given a chance feel like I could introduce something more on this, very real and common yet less covered. An irritating long day if there could be something of like that. Leave alone a bad day I think there isContinue reading “LAST MAN STANDING”


Eish… this must be how my friend Mike feels……how he feels when he enters the room wearing a smile on his face, how he feels when he sees us pause the movie and lend a ear with a burning anxiety, how he feels when he opens his mouth as usual to say “Wasee God amenifunzaContinue reading “SWEET TRUTH”


Have you ever explained a serious point to a friend, a point so crucial and deep to you, then even before you are done to have them respond they are like I Know 🤭!! If you are from Kenya especially the city part you must have received a wah…I know (Ik). You just meet myContinue reading “I KNOW”

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